This page is under construction. 12 foot solid spun aluminum Andrews dish with side skirts for TI reduction. Taken out of AT&T terestial microwave service and converted into a satellite dish. Mount, combination commercial and homebrew.


Photovoltaic panel

Small PV array for emergency backup power for DC lighting and communications equipment.


KU dish

Temporary Ku band test setup. Permanent location will be on the roof.

Current project aim is to incorporate Big Bird Bath, BBB, or BBB BUD with the Ku small dish configuration. A lot of things have changed in

technology from the early days of our grass roots movement before the TVRO industry got a start. We built our own receivers, modified or scrounged dishes but I did purchase the LNA. Mounts where manufactured personally. A very educational experience.

BBB BUD will be used in C and Ku applications and will be again motorized. It is a strange sight to the neighbors when I climb into the dish with a ladder to adjust the LNBF. Will see if I can get a picture of that and post it here. In the meantime, the race is on against the weather since this isn't the only project here, not electronic related.

Picture of the HF/VHF/UHF and data antenna setup on my tower.

No, I don't have a HOA.

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