Wow, that is really a loaded subject. My interests and hobby are practically synonymous and also quite varied.

My interests that I am going to list are not in any chronological order or in order of preferences.

Remodeling my house, which has been a long and ongoing project in various forms from the day that I purchased it.

Woodworking of course is an integral part as is plumbing, insulating, electrical, cement/masonry work, painting- not my favorite, floor tiling, house cooling with a swamp/evaporation cooler complete with digital thermostat, photovoltaic electric project for low voltage lighting.

Skiing - that has become so cost prohibitive and is probably only for the tourists.

Licensed Private Pilot - type rated in single engine, fixed wing; again the current cost are outrageous.

Doing my own automotive maintenance; in past, rebuilt V8 engine, repainting the complete truck bed, modifying the suspension with heavier rated leaf springs and heavier duty shock absorbers.

Welding; acetylene, tig/mig, arc welding; aluminum welding.

Build my first 8 bit computer in 1974 from a partial parts kit, complete with 10K of memory, cassette data storage, machine language programming. Basic language programming.

Build my first satellite TV receiver system using a surplus 12 foot terrestrial microwave dish. Custom designed and built 3 different mounts so that the dish could be moved through the " Clark Belt Arc ", named after the late Dr. Clark. The propulsion of this dish ranged from the "Armstrong Method and a 2x4 inch timber to secure " to a modified surplus hydraulic fluid door opener system driving a hydraulic piston from an earthmoving machine then the latest version a 36 Volt DC motor driven jack screw ( currently under repair, probably not finished until late spring weather permitting ). This system operated in the " C Band " frequency range. Lately the addition of a " KU Band " system, steer able via remote control to take advantage of free digital programming. Weather conditions permitting still requires additional work for proper tracking and operation.

Video security, computer applications in the video field as well as regular security and ham radio.

Custom electronic applications.

Communications consulting services (for money of course).

Helping neighbors and friends when needed.

Establishing " Emergency Communications " in time of disaster.

Amateur Radio fast scan television ( regular / live video and audio ).

Giving Norman Harper ( my British friend, who tries to teach me English ) a hard time to keep him on his toes. ha ha ha

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